“Hannah Dosanjh has a knack of capturing the oddness of humans caught in the everyday, and employs children and animals to invite us to observe our species in all its glorious technicolour folly.” - Gillian Grey

Lucky me; I am surrounded by brilliant subject matter: the dogs I see being walked every day, friends meeting up for some sociable shopping, wonderful people who work so hard to keep it all from falling down, how do they spend time when they get a chance to play? Like an anthropologist studying tribal behaviour, my quest is to observe and celebrate the things we do in the pursuit of happiness.

Hannah lives in a large village just outside Swindon, has three children and a sensible job.

She is a member of the Association of British Naïve Artists and regularly takes part in their summer exhibitions.

If you’re standing in a pub wearing leopard skin lycra, she’s probably the woman in the corner furtively sketching you…